Map Editor Now Supports Vector Graphics, Multiple Drawing Layers and Drawing Tablets!

Screen capture showing support for multiple drawing layers and vector graphics in the Map Editor. Click to enlarge.

Normally, following game development is about as exciting as watching paint dry. I should know as I’ve created a good number of games and I’ve painted my fair share of walls. But, I am completely blown away by the enhancements that Andy O’Neill has made to the General Staff Map Editor. The above screen capture of the Map Editor shows just a few. Andy has added support for Microsoft Windows Ink which includes support for drawing tablets and styluses.

The Map Editor now also uses multiple drawing layers (just like PhotoShop). This allows for infinite levels of undo. In the above screen capture you can see how the road snakes through the forest. And, speaking of the forest, Andy’s new ‘tree algorithm’ looks fantastic (when you draw a forest the trees magically grow before your eyes).

If you would like to follow along with the new developments, Grogheads has kindly given us a space on the forum for posting updates: There are now four pages of updates and screenshots. Please feel free to drop by, take a look and post a comment or request a feature.

Track progress on the General Staff Army, Map & Scenario Editors!

Andy O’Neill (read about Andy here) has thoughtfully created a public ‘changelog’ on (link here) to assist beta testers. In his words:

“The idea of this thread is to list the development work as it’s done on the General Staff suite of apps. This will be fairly low level stuff. I expect parts will not be very easy to follow unless you know the apps well. Version numbers will eventually start appearing. This way it should be easier for early adopters and beta testers to see what’s in each change and Kickstarter supporters can see things are being done.

Feel free to drop by and follow our progress, leave comments, etc.

The Coffee Mugs Have Arrived!

Boxes of the General Staff coffee mugs with two different Kriegsspiel engravings have just arrived! We still need to run out and get bubble wrap and packaging materials but we should begin shipping these beauties out early next week (we just got hit with another blizzard).

General Staff coffee mugs with 19th century Kriegsspiel engravings! Click to enlarge.

A big thank-you to Kelly who dealt with the suppliers, shipping and everything!

How can anybody ever think of playing a wargame without one of these beauties to hold your beverage of choice?


The Kickstarter campaign is over and we’re still in shock. Wow! I can’t thank you, the backers, enough! Literally, I couldn’t have done it without you. General Staff was 325% funded which is a wonderful vote of confidence. Again, thank you very much.

So, what’s going to happen next?

We’re going to write a one-click installation package for the Army Editor and the Scenario Editor.

We’re going to make a major change in the Map Editor so it will run on lower resolution (usually older laptops) monitors. And then write an installation package for it, too.

We are going to have to make some changes to the various data files, too. Once this is done we’ll send out an email with the URL to start downloading and installing these three utility programs.

I have to order a whole lot of coffee mugs printed with the logo and a couple of great 19th century Kriegsspiel engravings.

And then we have to mail out a whole lot of coffee mugs.

I anticipate that those who are interested can start beta testing the utility programs (Army Editor, Map Editor and Scenario Editor) in February. With any luck beta testing the actual General Staff game will begin in March.

Again, thank you so very much,

– Ezra