General Staff Kickstarter is 200% Funded!

Thank you so much for your support of our Kickstarter campaign. We just went over $10,000 and that means that we have reached 200% of our funding goal! We also hit our second Stretch Goal; the AI Adjutant:

Click on “Ask the Adjutant” to get the AI’s take on your situation. Links to stable web resources. “Your line is at risk of envelopment. This did not turn out well for Scipio Africanus at Cannae.” Optional graphic display of calculations, geometry, hierarchical classification system, etc. This was suggested by Rob Hansen, an old friend from grad school – and I think this is brilliant.

Do you have a suggestion for our next Stretch Funding goal at $12,500? Please write to me if you have comments or suggestions.

There are still 20 days left in the Kickstarter campaign.