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Q: What formats will the General Staff Wargaming System ship on?

A: General Staff will ship for Windows (everything from XP to Windows 10 will be supported). Later, we hope to create an Xbox version of General Staff in a slightly different resolution and without support for creating your own scenarios.


Q: What modules will ship with General Staff Wargaming System?

A: The General Staff Wargaming System will ship with:

  • The Army Design  & Edit Module
  • The Map Design & Edit Module
  • The Scenario Design & Edit Module
  • General Staff, itself, where the battles are actually fought.


Q: When will the General Staff Wargaming System be available?

A: We anticipate running a Kickstarter campaign to pre-sell The General Staff Wargaming System in the second quarter of 2017.


Q: What are the advantages of backing the General Staff Wargaming SystemKickstarter campaign?

A: First, you’ll be able to pre-buy the General Staff Wargaming System at a discount price. Plus, you will receive dozens of scenarios that will not otherwise be available. Also, you will receive some great limited edition rewards like T-shirts, Hoodies and Polo shirts.